The Voice that Defines your Brand

YouTube Elevator Pitch 08.07.22.mp4
Jeff Lillicotch Voice Over Actor, TV Production, Drummer #voicewithpurpose


Let Me Voice Your Story

My Story begins in my youth as a musician playing drums since the age of 10.  

In college, I took on several leadership roles in student organizations. 

Then I spent the next two decades working in the media storytelling to a mass audience:

  -  10 years in front of a camera.

  -  including roles as a Videographer/editor.

  -  20 Years as a Producer.

This day in age, everyone has an opinion. That includes the media. It makes you ask the question.... What's the Purpose?

Want to get your message out effectively?  

   1. Have a Message.

  2. Know your audience.

  3. Speak to one person.

My name is Jeff. I Voice with Purpose. Let me voice your story.


A Performer Who Cuts Through the Noise

Opinions are in an abundance these days. You can't escape them.  Whether its:

     - Family

     - Friends

     - Colleagues

     - Social Media

     - Blogs

     - Online Forums

     - Talk Radio

     - AND... more so now than ever... the News Media. 

Your Business, Marketing or Branding message can get lost in the chaos.  

My Purpose as a Voice Over Talent is to cut through the noise by breathing life to your story and providing impact to your message.


Music Experience

I've been a professional drummer for two decades.  Started playing when I was 10 years old. Took private lessons through most of my teenage years. Trained at the Bubbha Thomas Summer Jazz Workshop in Houston while in High School. Still play professionally today.